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Ultimately, this course ensures that practioners in this area are up to date with current best practice and ensures they can apply the key knowledge and skills when back in role.

You can follow the course;
  • At one of our training centers
  • Within your organization on location
  • At 1 of our 40 locations throughout the country

Who should attend and what are the requirements?

You must have a valid BHV certification to participate.

After successful completion of the course and relevant work experience, delegates will be able to:

  • Clear and evacuate;
  • Preventive action;
  • Alerting in the event of a calamity;
  • Recognize and fight incipient fires;
  • The difference between different extinguishing agents, when and how to use;
  • Recognize and treat different injuries;
  • How to perform CPR (with and without AED);
  • To act in a life-saving manner;
  • The most important matters regarding communication during a calamity.




This course consists of theoretical and a practical part which will be taught in a one-day course. The instructor will use oral and visual presentation techniques to ensure that the teaching material is understood.

The time investment emergency response course:

  • Class day BHV Repetition from 8.30 am to 15.00 pm
BHV Herhaling Engels: Fire, LEH

Part of the day: Fire & evacuation

Fire, communication and evacuation are key during this part of the day. Our instructor deals with the theoretical and practical based on a varied and annually renewed lesson plan. 

Part of the day: Acting life-saving

This part of the day is about refreshing your knowledge of best practice on life-saving actions. Think about; resuscitation, the basic rules for providing first aid, recognizing diseases and how to deal with injuries.

Learners are assessed by their practical skills and theoretical knowledge.

The repeat BHV consists of:

  • Basic principles of fire fighting
  • Prevention
  • Eviction
  • Communication / Alerting
  • Extinguishing exercises with different extinguishing objects and
  • Extinguishing media
  • Opening a door of a possible fire room
  • Disease images
  • Injuries
  • Acting life-saving
  • CPR in combination with AED

This course is not concluded with an exam, however the competences will be assessed and tested during the day by our instructor.

If you have successfully completed the BHV course, you will comply with the Working Conditions Act and you will receive the official BHV wearing pass or digital certificate. With this you can also become a citizen aid worker and register with hart.NU.


The costs include

  • 1 day of classes (at one of our 40 locations in the Netherlands)
  • Package costs, coffee/tea and lunch
  • Course Material
  • Upon successful completion of theory and practice, a personal emergency response card or digital certificate

Would you rather get your BHV in half a day?

Then our BHV refresher course with e-learning is suitable for you! You study the theory at home or at work. Then you participate in the practical day. If you pass the theory and practice, you will obtain the emergency response certificate.




If we come to train at your organization, we can train the students for a small additional cost and a little longer for:

  • Clear phase 0 – 2
  • Walkie-talkie use
  • Evac chair
  • Pediatric resuscitation
  • Code 95

That must feel good! This way you guarantee safety and your paramedics are again aware of all the ins and outs!



Inschrijven BHV Herhaling Engels

€ 189,- / p.p.

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